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  1. Ashley
    Apr 04 - 00:36

    HiYohay, when you list these predictable what time frame are you using? because i have tried on different time frames M15, M30, H4, H8, D, W and MONTHLY but its confusing. please advise.

    • Yohay Elam
      Apr 04 - 08:02

      I look at the daily charts

      • Ashley
        Apr 04 - 08:45

        many thanks. i see.

  2. shun
    Apr 04 - 09:32

    very nice predictions.thanks by the way. try this site for more forex related news.

  3. abdul
    Apr 07 - 08:42

    hi , thank u , i hvae bought USD/XAU last week and it went very low , should i hold to it and for how long u think

    thank u again for the info

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