Binary Options Demo Account

Start Options, a provider of binary options, announced that traders can now check out their options using a virtual demo account. They are currently the only provider that provides this service. This sector is evolving together with traditional forex trading.

I’m repeating my pledge to check their possibilities using a forex demo account. Up to now, a demo account wasn’t available in the field of binary options – not for stocks and not for forex binary options.

Now, Start Options are offering this service, which I see as essential for anyone trying a new trading field. If you wish to see it for yourself.

They also announced that traders of binary options can now trade from as little as $30. This low entry level makes such trading more accessible. Similar to a demo account, this allows testing of real trades but with limited risk for new traders.

More and more people use binary options for hedging forex positions. This is an interesting tool that is gaining more and more traction. As it becomes more popular, the services are getting better.

Update: The binary options demo account is no longer available at StartOptions.

Disclosure: I’m affiliated with Start Options.

For more on binary options, see BO Crucnh.


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  1. darren says:

    Start Options was not the first to have a demo account with binary options, NADEX WAS. NADEX or North American Derivitives Exchange is actually a CFTC regulated United States trading exchange for binary options. Totally transparent and regulated to the highest degree and they have had a demo for a couple years. Give them a shot I am a trader there but I am tired of seeing these other so called binary options firms that lock up your money on a trade, thats gambling like a sports bet. NADEX you can trade in and out of binaries all day long your never locked in and you also can choose to make 100%200%400% on the different strikes that they have, they offer multiple strike prices not just at the market prices like the other firms. If you want more info contact me at [email protected] I would love to talk binaries with you.

  2. Mihai says:

    Good article, but Start Options actually DO NOT offer demo accounts. I went to the website, went on chat session and they told me they don’t offer demos, only real accounts. So what’s the catch? I understand affiliations, but still…

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