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Forex Brokers to be Exempt of Dodd-Frank Rules?

Perhaps forex brokers will get some good news soon, maybe in April. The Dodd-Frank act consists of many limitations, that not every broker will be able to handle. But forex brokers could be exempt from these rules.

Discussions continue in Washington DC regarding the implementation of the Dodd-Frank legislation. The CFTC has to provide complementary rules regarding the legislation, regarding the foreign exchange markets.

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Forex Pieces for the Weekend – August 14 2010

After a turbulent week that saw a major shift in the trend, the markets are closed and its time to relax with some long-term forex-related articles. Here are my favorites: Adam Kritzer shows the rle of the SNB in the Euro’s fall. I believe that EUR/USD will continue falling. Kathy Lien analyzes the FOMC Statement, [&hellip