11 Most Popular Forex Articles of 2011


The holiday season that marks the year’s end is getting close. 2011 was a very volatile year, with many dramatic events. Here is a list of 11 most popular articles published on Forex Crunch in 2011.

The list doesn’t include the regular sections, such as EUR/USD weekly outlook or the forex news section. It also excludes news items with a limited scope – items that were relevant for only day. A list of the top 5 sections follows.

  1. 5 Most Predictable Currency Pairs – Q3 – The difference in behavior between currency pairs continues fascinating traders. A similar list for Q4 was also quite popular. A list for the new quarter is in the works.
  2. Live Forex Calendar: This isn’t an article, but rather a regular page that joined the site in 2011. The calendar, powered by FXStreet, gained traction quite fast.
  3. Greeks Grab Their Money from the Banks – Time is Running Out – The Greek crisis, that began in 2009 was one of the hot topics of 2011 as well, and will continue accompanying us in 2012.
  4. Finding Predictable Currency Pairs – Continuing the theme from the first item.
  5. Top 10 Forex Blogs – A list of recommended blog (not all sites) in forex. The list is updated from time to time.
  6. Forex Outlook Report – Q4 2011 – The report was already downloaded thousands of times. A report is for Q1 2012 will be available soon. You can download the report and the Trade Forex Responsibly eBook.
  7. How Will Currencies React to the Credit Downgrade? – The historic downgrade of the US credit rating was one of the turning points of the year. It certainly helped the US dollar and US bonds.
  8. 5 Points on When To Go Pro – Are you having success and considering becoming a professional traders? There are some things to consider.
  9. Société Générale Bankrupt? Rumors Send EUR/USD Down – The state of French and German banks remain vulnerable as an end to the crisis doesn’t seem near.
  10. Unregistered Forex Brokers Sued by CFTC – While some regulations seem awkward, the fight of the CFTC against unregulated brokers does look serious.
  11. 5 Points on How to Chose a Forex Broker in 2011 – Simple things you can do before depositing money.

The most popular section is the EUR/USD weekly forecast, with a big lead. The second place belongs to the AUD/USD forecast, which managed to beat the GBP/USD outlook in the second place. The Canadian dollar forecast took the fourth place, and the last on the top 5 was the daily EUR/USD outlook.

Further reading: Top 10 posts of 2010.

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