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Senator Kamala Harris may have an outsized impact for a Vice President nominee. A reelection campaign is first and foremost a referendum on the incumbent. The newly minted VP candidate has the ability to push White House occupant’s buttons and also to appeal to swing voters. Yohay Elam, an analyst at FXStreet, highlights five reasons how Harris can hurt Trump’s reelection.

Key quotes

“Mysogionistic Trump: The president’s first response to Harris’ pick was that she is ‘nasty’ and tweeting that ‘The suburban housewife will be voting for me’. Trump is trailing among females and will need their support to win. Having Harris by Biden’s side may bring more women to vote against the president – or refrain from voting for him.”

“Racist Trump: Harris’s appointment is historic – she is the first Black and Asian woman to be on a presidential ticket. Her nomination was also seen as a nod to African Americans, potentially helping increase turnout. Any additional racist comments by Trump could help turn out more voters against him.”

“Appealing to moderates: Harris is considered a moderate – as her state’s Attorney General and San Francisco’s District Attorney, she was considered tough on crime, prompting criticism within the left. That will make accusations that she and Biden are ‘captives of radicals’ harder to stick.”

“Prosecutor: Harris brought her legal background to the Senate, using it to ‘prosecute’ witnesses. Trump lamented the approach to now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh. In her first speech alongside Biden, Harris laid down the case against Trump, focusing on his deadly mishandling of the coronavirus crisis. She will likely continue publishing well-articulated critic of the president’s failings, garnering support and as mentioned earlier, triggering angry responses. Moreover, the Harris-Trump clashes will allow Biden to remain above the fray, seeming more presidential than his rival.”

“Tipping Florida: The Sunshine State – which awards 29 electoral college votes – has had its share of close races in recent years. The ‘purple’ or ‘toss-up’ states consist of many people whose parents were born outside the US. They may identify with Harris and vote for her – or stay at home and refrain from voting for the Republican.”