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NFT crypto tokens have not been immune from the considerable crypto crash of late. Some have just launched such as DEFC but others such as MANA and CHZ have seen their price decline to very low levels. However, as interest continues to increase in the NFT arena, these cryptos are surely expected to start rising again as potential remains huge

Let’s take a look at the 5 Top NFT Crypto Tokens which we think will make a splash in July 2021.

DEFC: One Of The Upcoming NFT Crypto Tokens Going Big

DEFC main scope is to educate the investor on the opportunities in the DeFi crypto market and the NFT space.

There’s a lot of hype around DEFC at the moment and expectations are certainly high. In fact the coin has just listed on VinDAX exchange.

Basically, DEFC a community-driven platform which makes it much easier for users to trade crypto currencies. The coin also brings some of those benefits which are usually associated with DeFi such as rewards and a liquidity pool. There’s also a manual token that burns to preserve DEFC’s value.

The coin is the native digital token of the protocol DeFi Coin (DEFC). It is mainly used to access network utility and can also be exchanged with other coins on the network through a self-custody wallet.

Over-the-counter gains for DEFC are now well over 100% at current market prices. After starting trading at $0.25 on 30 June, DEFC is now up by 8.6% to the $0.315 level. It’s slowly but surely gaining, and more upward price movement is expected as the market continue to recover.

You can also learn more about where and how to buy DEFC by visiting the ‘how to buy’ section of the website.

Alternatively send an email for information about buying over-the-counter: [email protected]

MANA (Decentraland) Another One of the NFT Crypto Tokens Poised To Grow

NFT crypto tokens

MANA (Decentraland) is another NFT crypto token that has taken a considerable battering of late. The fundamentals remain strong however. The NFT DeFi coin is a virtual reality platform that’s based on the Ethereum blockchain.

It allows users to create, experience and eventually monetise applications. You can buy plots of land that are eventually developed and sell these developments. Since its launch to the public in February 2020, users have created a vast range of experiences using their land parcels. One even went for $700,000 lately.

The MANA price is currently trading at the $0.54 level having reached a high of $1.57 in early May. There appears to be an ongoing recovery at the moment although sentiment remains slightly bearish. However if the $0.60 level is reached, a breakout could eventually ensue with the price going all the way up to $77 and test new resistance levels.

Tezos (XTZ) Another NFT crypto with considerable potential


Tezos was another NFT coin which fell considerably from its high of $8.42 reached in early May. The price crashed all the way down to $2.14 on 22 June which represents a 75% decline from its May high.

At present, the Tezos price is attempting a rebound from the second test of its May low. However, this attempt has been rather underwhelming which continues to portray the hesitancy in the market with most altcoins largely not showing any particular signs here or there. Strong volume should however reinforce a strength in price. This should theoretically lead to a jump of around 30% in the Tezos price.

THETA: Another Interesting NFT Coin With In The Streaming Industry

Theta is a powerhouse project that includes some powerful celebrity backers. However, it is still struggling for direction above the moving average. It is currently trading at the $6.34 level after having fallen somewhat over the past two days, where it regained the $7.11 price point. That was still around 45% down from the peak reached in early May of $12.30.

THETA is currently ranked in 17th place according to Coin Market Cap. The THETA token powers the blockchain bearing the same name. It aims to revolutionise the video streaming industry by offering creators a better experience and more financial rewards. Amongst the backers of Theta, one finds Twitch co-founder Justin Kan and Steve Chen, the latter a co-founder of youtube. There’s also Samsung and Sony who have a stake in the project through their investment arms.

Chilliz (CHZ) Tokenizing The Sport Industry

The multibillion sports industry is ripe for the NFT tokenization concept. Malta based blockchain company Chiliz has done just that – tokenizing the fan base in several countries. It is one of the NFT crypto tokens which should make a splash. It has agreements through its investment arm and is already established in the UK Premier League, the Italian Serie A and has now started moving into the United States and South America.

CHZ has seen its price take a battering of late like most other cryptos. It is own around 60% from its all time high of $0.69 in early May and is currently trading at the $0.24 level. However with more and more sports clubs embracing the concept

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