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You are invited to London’s most comprehensive educational event for investors and traders this year!

Make the commitment to attend for one or all three days, and you can gain the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate difficult market conditions for many years to come!


  1. Hear from 25+ market experts:  Attend over 50 free sessions presented by financial gurus like Jim Rogers, David Fuller, Kathleen Brooks, John Bollinger, Peter Schiff, Sandy Jadeja, & more!
  2. Your one-stop resource to a world of trading & investment opportunities:  Equip yourself with cutting-edge financial products and services by interacting face to face with representatives from more than 35 of the industry’s hottest companies!
  3. NEW this year!””8 November features all-day trading events:  Discover trading tips you can use today. You’ll get strategies like, 5 forex money strategies, How to spot set-ups for short selling, 8 steps to a price spike fade trade, and many more!
  4. Live trading with real money in the exhibition hall! If you’ve ever wanted to look over the shoulder of a professional trader putting real money on the line, this is your chance!
  5. Attendance is free! Space is limited, so register free today!

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