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Today’s marketing mix looks more like a single ingredient cake that it does a mix, with affiliates bringing anywhere between 70 and 80% of a broker’s traffic. Using affiliates is a great way for brokers to increase their potential reach and grow their client base, but in an extremely competitive market such as Forex, mixing things up can prove to be a healthy business practice.  

Having helped hundreds of brokers worldwide get established, our marketing team wants to share with you some tools you can use to mix your marketing up a bit:



  • Show off your regulation.


Potential traders are often worried about making a big investment with a broker they haven’t done business with, especially if they’ve been burned in the past by an unregulated broker who wouldn’t allow them to withdraw their funds. Put these traders at ease by showing them you are regulated and have to abide by a high standard of rules and regulations. Display the fact that you are regulated, proudly on your website and all of your marketing materials both online and offline.


  • Get positive reviews.


Before a potential trader makes a decision about a brokerage, they’re likely to search the internet for online reviews. Check the internet for mentions of your company’s name and address any negative feedback. Register with one or two relevant review platforms that fit your business model and work on creating a solid presence. Gather positive feedback and testimonials and post on your website and social media platforms. Address any feedback, suggestions or complaints you may get through Facebook and other social platforms.


  • Be social.


There are over two hundred social media platforms out there and trying to maintain a presence in all of them and engage with users regularly can be difficult at best, so it is important to choose wisely. Define your target audience and check each platform’s user demographics to make sure it is a good match for your brokerage. Once you select your preferred platform or platforms, make sure you focus on the quality of the posts as much as you do on the quantity. You want to post regularly, but you want to gain the trust of followers who have a real interest in your products or services, so focus on posting relevant things such as tips, news and articles. Include an image with every post. If your focus is widespread, consider using tools for syndication, where posting once will submit the same post to several platforms. If you go this route however, make sure you check each platform, since your post may need to be adapted and tweaked slightly.


  • Get on the map.


List your business with industry directories that can vouch for your reputation. Make use of Google my Business, a free tool that allows your customers to find you on the map, check your hours of operation and even call you by touching the phone number on the listing when they search for your business name. Make sure you use the same name, address and phone number for all of your listings whether online or offline.


  • Share your knowledge


You have a vast untapped amount of knowledge about the industry. Share it. Start a newsletter, a blog, guest blog. These are all great ways to drive organic web traffic to your website, show off your expertise and build trust. Writing original content is also a great way to generate re-usable material for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.