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Greg Gibbs,  Founder, Analyst, & PM,  Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd,  explained that  Italian leaders have set on a course to clash with the EU that will be hard to turn back from.    

Key Quotes:

“A more prolonged crisis appears likely.”

“Trump is pursuing his hard-line on trade; announcing plans to move ahead with tariffs on Chinese imports and restrictions on investments and trade in the high tech sector.”

“It wasn’t so long ago that global investor confidence was buoyed by solid synchronized global growth.”

“And yields were rising on firming commodity prices, tightening labour markets, fiscal expansion, rate rises in the US and some other economies, and anticipation that the ECB would end QE in September and begin hikes in 2019.”

“Fears over populist policy trends were receding.  They are back with a vengeance.”

“Populist policies that threaten regional and global cooperation are driving up risk aversion.”