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After the fireworks this afternoon when the Facebook and Libra founder Mark Zuckerberg  testified before the senate. It emerged that Facebook are the only one of the twenty-one members that have chipped in the USD 10 million to the Libra Association.  

According to  the BBC reports, the members are not even discussing the fees on reunions. Facebook and Libra  have officially declined to comment about it, too. This means that, despite the “backing” of the other companies, Facebook is really alone.

It has been said that the companies are holding back until the are really sure if the project is set to start. Some are said to be very sceptical on whether the stablecoin will launch.  

Mr Zuckerberg faced some fierce questions today and he said that Libra will not launch until all of the relevant regulators are appeased. One thing has been made clear is the fact that the Facebook founder wants to provide services to the unbanked.