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Markets are certainly in movement: we start by the  making sense of the NFP, continue with the BOJ’s negative rates, advance to the impact of snowzilla on natural gas and finish with a preview for the next events.

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  1. NFP: The miss in the headline was certainly disappointing, but all the rest was positive. Wages are beginning to rise and the Fed could certainly be pleased. Is the US close to full employment? Is the Fed still expected to hike anytime soon? We discuss all this.
  2. BOJ goes negative: The Bank of Japan joined the ECB and other central banks with a negative deposit rate, but there are certainly some differences. We analyze the big announcement, the market fade and the next moves.
  3. State of Natural Gas: Screaming  blizzard headlines took over the news. Did this storm help natural gas? Or is El Niño having a stronger impact? We discuss the supply and demand of the commodity often overshadowed by oil.
  4. Preview. Janet Yellen is left front and center, but we also have news about the US consumer as well as other events that could rock markets.

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