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As ever, the Brexit headlines are flowing and are changing sentiment from one trading session to the next. Yesterday we heard that there would not be any Cabinet meetings this week and now we have learned that an emergency cabinet meeting to sign off Brexit divorce deal is set to happen either tomorrow or next Monday (not too vague then).

So where exactly are we with all of this?

It would appear that there are constant meetings taking place between UK ministers, Brexit officials and politicians, (Whatsapp probably sees a lot of the traffic with ongoing updates) and indeed PMs Cabinet are as busy as they will ever be. PM May has said that 95% of the deal is done, but Ireland is by far the biggest problem, and it would seem that there are still tensions over the withdrawal agreement between the EU and UK, over what’s known as the “level playing field”.

There are newswires suggesting that the Cabinet ministers have been invited to read a copy of the draft Brexit Withdrawal Agreement this afternoon and we now wait to hear confirmation as to when this meeting will take place, either tomorrow or Monday – but then again, it could be Friday or the weekend, or perhaps not at all.  

Then, there is still the question if whether the two sides can even agree on any final divorce deal. If they do, there are no guarantees that, a) Parliament will go or it and b) if they don’t, that there may ever be a Brexit if another Referendum is called – (Polls show that the UK population would now vote to stay in the EU after all) – #regretexit  


No10 sources say draft Withdrawal Agreement does not include Irish backstop, as that has not yet been agreed. Email to Cabinet ministers does not make that clear. Emergency meeting now looking like next week –

 . . . (Or maybe the week after?)