Apiary Fund Teaches Traders Via Management of an Investment


Utah based Apiary Fund has launched a very interesting educational service: traders are given sub-accounts within the fund and begin seeking short and long term opportunities.

Apiary assumes traders’ losses and makes its money via tuition fees. For more, here is the official press release:

Lindon, UTAH (Feb. 8, 2013) – Apiary Fund (www.apiaryfund.com) is a new trading education fund that develops foreign currency exchange traders in a new and unique way that gives regular people an opportunity to join the active management of an investment fund.

“The Apiary Fund is successful because the investment activity in the fund is diversified among many traders,” said Apiary Fund CEO Shawn Lucas. “Each trader employ different systems and strategies to manage the fund’s assets.”

Each trader is provided a sub-account of the Apiary Fund and looks for ways to produce short and long-term capital gains. When the trader produces a profit, a portion goes to Apiary to grow the fund and the trader keeps a portion of what they earned. All trading is managed under a strict risk management system that is set by the company.

Watch a two-minute video on the Apiary Fund.

There is no personal investment or risk for people who join the Apiary Fund. This means that if you lose on any of your trades, the Apiary Fund takes the loss and the trader does not lose any of their own money. The only cost to join the Apiary Fund is tuition for the Trader Development course and training sessions.

“While previous trading experience may be helpful, it is not necessary,” said Lucas. “Some of Apiary’s most successful traders have little or no previous trading experience in the market.”

During the Trader Development program, associates practice in simulation accounts and attend trading classes, lectures and demonstrations with successful traders until they meet the funding requirements. With over 100 hours of live trainings a month and 1000’s of hours of recorded library material, Apiary provides access to a vast amount of training and material.

About Apiary Fund

Apiary Fund is located in Lindon, Utah, and is a private company with a unique trading platform combining the brokerage, financial education, and proprietary fund industry. Apiary trained traders use Apiary’s money to make trades and share in the profits. Other than course tuition, there is no investment or risk to associates in the fund.

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