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The Forex monthly outlook for August 2012 is available for download. To download it for free, just join the mailing list below.

July saw another more signs of deterioration in the global economy, with Europe dragging the entire world down. However, the events at the turn of the month may have been the beginning of a real change. August is usually a month of vacations and calm in the markets. Looking at last August’s historic downgrade of the US, this year’s burning issues in the euro-zone and the never ending speculation about future US moves, another hot August awaits us.

The report discusses the main themes, with Europe still taking most of the focus, as events there impact all currencies.  Specific currency outlooks follow. Each currency outlook consists of two parts: a fundamental overview and a high time-frame technical analysis. A timetable of key events and some extra additional notes for forex traders end the report.

The report has already been sent to subscribers.  As always, feedback is more than welcome.