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Reuters has reported that  Australia’s Queensland state premier said that they will go to a three-day covid-19 lockdown in Brisbane  as health officials scramble to contain the  latest COVID-19 cluster.

Qld CHO Dr Jeannette Young explained:  

“So we have four  new community-acquired cases  overnight which means that the  current cluster that we’re dealing  with has seven cases.”

“The initial  two gentlemen and now a brother of  one of those that we think could be  that link between the PA doctor who  was infectious two weeks ago and  this cluster, then we have two  colleagues of the second new case  who have tested positive yesterday  and one of those people was in  Gladstone for three days while they  were infectious so we’re working  very closely there to identify  venues that person was at.”

“Then very  late last night I was notified of  another case who happens to be a  nurse working in the COVID ward. She  did some shifts there. But I’m not  sure that’s where she’s acquired it.  We will have to wait for genome  sequencing results that we should  get back late together or tomorrow  morning which will make it clear.  Her sister is also positive and we  are not sure whether the  transmission has happened there.”

Market implications

There has been limited reaction in the market, so far, but  AUD/USD trades heavy and 0.10% at the time of writing.