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Hiring a cryptocurrency marketing agency is a must for all crypto firms. No matter how good your crypto project is, if no one in the market knows about it then adoption becomes an up hill struggle.

Securing funding, development and product goals is where crypto advertising agencies can help.

There are a number of crypto PR agencies to choose from which all offer slightly different service levels. Exactly which one is best for your project may depend on the nature of the crypto product and its specific PR requirements.

In this review we select three of the best cryptocurrency marketing agency prospects:

  1. Crypto PR
  2. Melrose PR
  3. CrowdCreate


1. CryptoPR – top-tier media partner network for quality exposure

This new full-service cryptocurrency marketing agency is rapidly building up its book of business. CryptoPR services include all that you would expect from a crypto advertising agency and much more besides. The agency is based in London and opened for business this year.

First off is the distribution of press releases. CryptoPR can get your project news instantly disseminated across 100s of the largest crypto and financial news websites.

The agency has relationships with both mainstream finance sites such as Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch, as well as crypto-specific ones like,,,,, and many more.

Placing advertorials and features on influential high-traffic websites is another essential part of the PR armoury and here again, CryptoPR has your back, with access to 100s of sites to select from to secure the the impact that gets your project’s messaging to the next stage.

Also, crypto projects find it immensely helpful to be listed on comparison and review sites and CryptoPR is in pole position to deliver this, with access to sites that have millions of daily visits, promising clients super-quick access.

Projects are able to buy sponsored table listings in the strategic properties of the agency’s media partner network.

Cryptocurrency marketing agency focus: leads for NFT and DeFi crypto firms

The agency also offers specialised services for NFT marketing and DeFi projects. These are two red hot sectors of the crypto industry right now, and you need to make a lot of noise in order to be heard.

A portion of your marketing budget spent in this direction could be invaluable, with CryptoPR’s tailored service and focus on areas such as B2C websites.

CryptoPR was the exclusive agency for the recent launch of DeFi Coin (DEFC), which will soon be launching a decentralised exchange. Using its menu of services, the DEFC project has raised more than $750,000 across both pre-sale and post-sale.

CryptoPR’s other crypto marketing services include banner ads. These are a tried-and-tested part of a PR and marketing campaign and CryptoPR offers an integrated approach for your crypto company. As you would expect, there is a full range of placement and banner size options available.

Perhaps the icing on the cake as far as CryptoPR goes, is its international chops. The agency’s media network includes the following geographicals: US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

So if you are looking for international exposure in key regional markets, then this new agency should be able to assist.


2. Melrose PR – from strategy development to interview

Melrose PR has been helping crypto firm with crypto advertising and marketing since 2012 and offers a comprehensive range of PR services.

Headquartered in Santa Monica California, the agency prides itself on taking a top to bottom approach that embeds press relationships inside a wider framework of service offerings that includes strategy, thought leadership and content preparation.

At the centre of its offering is the press relations team. Here, projects will be able to avail themselves of not just sponsored content, press release distribution and the like, but also a focus on building brand awareness.

Cryptocurrency marketing agency services: Social media, podcast and video

As such the company can provide a full-on social media strategy that takes in all the major platforms and not just the ubiquitous Telegram chat channels.

The agency’s detailed approach includes not only creating and editing content for the project but also educating the media about its unique selling points and the milestones it has achieved etc.

Melrose can help get your team members onto influential podcasts, prepare video script for explainers that will have optimum impact, and even secure keynote addresses at leading industry events.

Melrose PR clients include Terra and Ethereum Classic Labs.


3. CrowdCreate – digital outreach for lead generation

Our third cryptocurrency marketing agency hails from Los Angeles – CrowdCreate. The agency’s particular niche is around influencer marketing as well as more traditional public relations  services.

Unlike our other two picks, this agency is not solely focused on crypto. Its other areas of work include real estate and gaming industries for example.

The agency specialises in data-driven digital outreach centred on email.

CrowdCreate makes use of machine learning AI in conjunction with major investor databases in order to identify a target audience of prospective investors in your project.

It then drills down further to select those investors likely to be most suitable for your fundraising needs

Once the audience has been identified, the agency will develop a bespoke pitch for your business requirements, with A/B testing as standard.

Its hands on approach is underscored with the introduction service it provides that includes phone calls and 1 on 1 feedback to assess interest in your project.

Investor leads straight to your inbox

The outreach is optimised in such a way that your fundraising team will receive responses direct to their email inbox.

CrowdCreate’s service claims to deliver meaningful lead generation, thereby freeing up the valuable time of your team members for hitting the development goals and getting your minimum viable product out of the door, or whatever the next milestone of the business plan happens to be.

Its outreach plans start from $1,495 per month.

The fact that this company has proven experience across a variety of industries maybe just what you are looking if you believe the learnings from non-crypto fields can be applied fruitfully in the crypto PR sphere.

To date the company has raised $133 million on behalf of its clients, including work with 40 crypto firms.

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