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The US president-elect, Joe Biden says that the US needs more money to fight the pandemic.

”Covid-19 relief package is far from perfect.”

  • ”Unemployment benefits need to be extended.”
  • ”Will put forward a plan early next year to address covid-19 crisis, distribute vaccine.”
  • ”Darkest days in battle against covid-19 are still ahead.”

Meanwhile, as Congress rushed to pass its year-end spending omnibus legislation and a coronavirus stimulus bill in one fell swoop Monday night, many objected to the process which essentially attached the crucial pandemic aid to a bevy of other priorities totaling $2.3 trillion, Fox News reported.

”Among the most controversial provisions were related to foreign aid and railed against by people ranging from conservative members of Congress to left-leaning journalists.

It throws billions at foreign aid, including gender programs in Pakistan to the tune of $10 million,’ Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, said in a scathing statement.”

Market implications

The Biden comments will not lie well with the US dollar bulls that are currently enjoying a safe-haven and holiday season correction.