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  • On average, around five Bitcoin ATMs are being installed every single day.  
  • North America alone consists of 76.3% of all global Bitcoin ATMs.

As per data from Coin ATM Radar, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 50% worldwide. In the past year, a total of 1,900 Bitcoin ATMs were installed globally, which is an average of around five Bitcoin ATMs installed per day.
ATM installations were contributed by the top Bitcoin ATM manufacturers including CoinCloud with 374 ATMs, CoinFlip with 348 ATMs, Bitcoin Depot with 312 ATMs, Coinsource with 277 ATMs, Rockitcoin with 207 ATMs, Bitcoin of America with 204 ATMs, PayDepot with 184 ATMs, local coin with 169 ATMs, iQCashNow with 147 ATMs and digital mint with 132 ATMs. The data suggest that Bitcoin will expand in the future.  

Presently, North America is leading with 76.3% of all global Bitcoin ATMs. Most of the ATMs are concentrated in the United States, which has 64.5% of the worldwide total. Europe secures the second spot with 19.7%, while Asia has 2.3% and South America only 1.1%. The Bitcoin ATM industry is vital for Bitcoin adoption as it enables users to quickly convert Bitcoin into cash and vice versa, making Bitcoin easy-to-use for daily purposes.