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  • Asset manager  longs  are at 210 vs 149 short with the net change 70 long positions added vs just 11 short.
  • The leveraged funds are still short 2,031 vs 1,186 long, the net change stands at  -25 longs vs -17 shorts.


In an interesting twist asset manager sentiment has turned positive. Now it seems that asset managers are net-long by 11 contracts. The big change came from the changes since last week where 70 longs were added by asset managers vs only 11 short positions. On the leveraged funds, the Shorts are clearly in the lead as in both open interest and total change the short side is winning.  

Today Bitcoin futures fell 1.61% as the market still struggles. The level on the downside that is currently providing support is 7,701.00 and now we have the bullish asset manager sentiment maybe we can avoid and break down. On the topside 8,850.00 is the consolidation high and if the bulls have any chance of changing the trend it needs to be broken.  


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