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  • Over half of the volumes from a potential BTC ETF would come via institutional investors.
  • Thomas Lee believes that the likes of hedge funds would be attracted and that it “is not necessarily a retail product.”

Thomas Lee, Head of Research at Fundstrat Global, speaking recently, saying that he anticipates that a large bulk of the volume that the ETF will bring in will be institutional investors, including the likes of hedge funds. He further noted that despite what the market suggests, the ETF “is not necessarily a retail product.”

A product such as an ETF, which would be publicly traded, should spark a new channel for BTC investments, suggested by Lee. He noted it would be “a big deal” for the collective market.

In his full tweet Lee said:

I believe >50% of ETF volume is institutional investors (HF, etc) so it is not necessarily a retail product. And similarly, a bitcoin ETF would be a big deal. Especially since it does simplify key management for a retail investor