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  • Bitcoin Gold is down 7% on a daily basis.
  • Bitcoin Gold has announced Wallet update.

Bitcoin Gold is a coin, that forked from Bitcoin blockchain late in 2017. Currently, it sits on the 28th place in the cryptocurrency rating compiled by CoinMarketCap with market value $447M. BTG/USD is changing hands at $27.53, down 7% on a daily basis.  

The team behind BTG announced the update to its ElectrumG wallet to maintain its compatibility with the significant changes implemented to the blockchain via hard fork that took place a week ago.  

ElectrumG is a version of Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, modified to serve the needs of Bitcoin Gold. The company claims that it is easy to use, beginner-friendly and pretty lightweight. It means that it wouldn’t eat up your hard disc space.

“The current production version, ElectrumG 3.2.1, was released just before the Network Upgrade hard fork. The wallet and back-end ElectrumX servers were upgraded to remain functional after the fork. This version does not include support for hardware wallets, which will be added in an upcoming Beta. (Hardware wallet support was initially planned for the 3.2.1 release, but needed to be delayed in favor of rolling out support for the Network Upgrade.),” according to the official press release.  

The list of new features includes a seed recovery system, multi-signature wallets, easy import of Bitcoin address and private keys and many more.

The team promised to develop the wallet and update it with more exciting features in the nearest future.

“We’d like to thank Spesmilo (Electrum), and Kyuupichan (ElectrumX) for their hard work on the Electrum projects over the years, as well everyone else in the Open Source Community that has contributed to the creation and growth of projects like these.

We’ll continue to work hard to provide the kind of software users want, the services developers need, and to continue expanding and supporting the Bitcoin Gold Ecosystem.”