Bitcoin SV in turmoil: Binance and Shapeshift delist BSV following Craig Wright’s controversies

  • Bitcoin SV suffers massive losses due to a backlash of controversies with its lead developer.
  • Binance CEO does not take sides when it comes to technology.

The sister chain of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been forced to deal with the backlash of the war between Craig Wright the lead developer and the cryptocurrency community. BSV price dropped massively following the announcement that Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume had dropped it as a tradable instrument.

The cryptos market capitalization has thinned by $300 million according to CNBC’s Ran NeuNer:

“So far @CalvinAyre’s threat to bankrupt @PeterMcCormack has cost BSV $300mn! I wonder who is bankrupting who here! — Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) April 16, 2019.”

The plunge is directly linked to the delisting of BSV from Binance as from April 22. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao recently told off Craig Wright following threats that he was going to sue anyone that refutes his claim of being Satoshi. Zhao said that if Wright continues with the threats he will delist BSV. According to Zhao, Wright’s narrative is dividing the cryptocurrency community.

“To be clear, I don’t choose sides on technology. We let market do that. I am against fraud, such as lying to be someone. As such, it is my strong opinion that: Craig Wright is fraud. The real Satoshi can digitally sign any message to prove it. This is as simple as breathing for him/her. And we have the pub key. Until then, everyone is Satoshi, except Craig Wright!

Lastly, anyone who supports BSV from a tech perspective should be attacking the fraudulent Craig Wright, who is poisoning YOUR community, and not attack the rest of the world. Anyone thinking CW is Satoshi should read about how a private key works, ie, learn about crypto.”

Just hours after Binance announced the delisting of BSV, ShapeShift communicated the same decision. The CEO of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees said that he has come to a decision that BSV should not trade on the platform.

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