Bitcoin SV plunges 42% from 2020 highs: Lawyer reveals Craig Wright has no private keys

  • Craig Wright’s court battle takes a different turn; the lawyer reveals that the file he received did not contain private keys.
  • Bitcoin SV plummets from January peak at $458 to the market value of $264.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rival, Bitcoin SV (BSC) continues to hit controversy after controversy under its lead developer, Craig Wright. The recent rally across the cryptocurrency industry saw surge incredible from lows around $100 to highs of $458.

However, the digital asset did not sustain the growth and the price embarked on a gains trimming exercise that is still underway. From the levels above $450, BSV is barely able to hold above the support at $260.

Craig Wright’s ongoing court battle has been singled out to be the main force behind the losses. Last week the case took a different turn and pushed nails into his claim of being the “real” creator of Bitcoin.

Wright promised a “bonded courier” of evidence to be used in the multimillion-dollar court case, proving that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. However, his lawyer revealed that the file he received did not have private keys.

At the time of writing, BSV is trading at $264 after bouncing off the support at $250. The bulls are attempting to force recovery after suffering in the wake of Wright’s news hitting the public.

BSV/USD daily chart

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