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  • The compatibility will allow developers to port current Ethereum DApps to EOS more easily.
  • The Ethereum DApps will also benefit significantly from EOS’s speed. 

According to a Devpost page published recently, has announced a contest whose aim is to integrate Ethereum smart contract code with its EOS blockchain. The contest will require participants to “create an EOSIO smart contract that stores and invokes EVM (Solidity) Smart Contracts in a virtual Ethereum-like environment.” This is expected to enable developers to port current Ethereum DApps to EOS more easily. 

As the contest ends only after a year, the participants have a lot of time to work on the project. Testing and judging processes will continue for a few months after that. appears to be looking for an illustration of compatibility rather than a completely functioning solution. 

Compatibility with Ethereum would enable developers from other blockchain platforms to benefit from EOS’s speed. If EOS successfully manages to attract DApp developers from other blockchains, it can close in on Ethereum’s app count. As per data from DAppReview, EOS presently has 675 DApps, while Ethereum has 2,190 DApps. 

Having said that, the EOS blockchain has recently faced a lot of performance issues. The blockchain has become extremely congested, which has resulted in the surge of RAM and CPU prices. This, in turn, makes it really expensive for developers to host dApps on EOS.