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Danske Bank analysts note that yesterday the BoJ signalled further willingness to re-steepen yield curves, as the October purchase plan under the QE programme showed cuts to purchases in maturities longer than 3 years and even showed a potential end to purchases above 25y maturities.

Key Quotes

“On top of this, Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund in a statement this morning said that it would re-categorize FX hedged foreign currency bond holdings into domestic debt, effectively freeing up JPY 1.3tn, that the fund can now invest in foreign debt.”

“JGB yields are generally higher this morning as the curve steepens 5-6bp 2s10s. The 2s10s curve is at its steepest level since February. It will be interesting to see whether the recent curve steepening can remain intact despite a lack of inflation and growth expectations.”