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BoJ’s board member Funo notes that there is uncertainty rising over the global economy’s outlook, particularly from the protectionist moves

More from Funo:

  • Given prices, inflation expectations struggle to accelerate, must maintain sufficiently low-interest rates for a prolonged period.
  • If risks to price target are foreseen, BoJ  will need to prevent them from materialising.
  • Risks from overseas economies are high.
  • Various possibilities for easing steps.
  • If  boj were to ease further, rate cuts, boosting asset purchases, expansion in monetary base among the various possibilities.
  • BoJ  should continue easing persistently.
  • Closer attention needed on risks for price momentum.
  • Global economy is slowing, downside risks are heightening.
  • Attention needed more than ever to risk momentum to 2% target will be hurt.
  • Vital to keep rates low for positive output gap.
  • Powerful monetary easing stimulating activity among firms and households and is contributing to a positive output gap.
  • Must be vigilant to effects unstable overseas economies have on japan’s business, household sentiment.