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Bond-investing giant Western Asset Management Co. thinks the US treasury bonds have reached a top following last week’s panicked buying in reaction to the global spread of the coronavirus. 

The rally seen last week has set Treasuries up for a fall, Michael Buchanan, the firm’s deputy chief investment officer, said Friday, according to Wall Street Journal. 

Key quotes

The market is way ahead of the Fed now, and we could give back a lot of this rally very quickly.

The firm would be interested in increasing its exposure again once 10-year yields move back over 1.5%.

For now, the firm is buying investment-grade and high-yield corporate debt, which now trade at a higher yield premium, or spread, to Treasurys because of the surge in demand for the government bonds.

The yield on the US 10-year treasury note fell by over 30 basis points last week on increased haven flows. The yield is currently seen at 1.147%, having hit a record low of 1.027% on Monday.