Brave is the most downloaded browser in Japan

  • Brave does not have access to any user data and doesn’t store data on a centralized or decentralized server, making it very secure.
  • Brave’s monetization and security features are expected to result in the widespread usage of the browser.

Brave, a popular decentralized blockchain-enabled web browser, has become the most downloaded browser on the Japanese Google store. According to a Reddit post published on September 8, this is the first time Brave has taken over its rivals such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera in the country. 

Brave was launched around two years ago and has significantly captured market share from other browsers already. This is done by tokenizing a few aspects of the browser experience for the users. For example, users can earn the browser’s native Basic Attention Token (BAT) by watching ads and claiming grants. 

Brave helps its users to be their own data safeguards by keeping all their personal information on their own devices. The company has no access to the data and it isn’t stored on a decentralized or centralized server. Unlike Chrome, Brave has not been focusing much on its marketing aspect. But once the users understand the trade-offs of business and the benefits offered by Brave, a higher adoption rate of Brave is anticipated.

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