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Joe Biden wins Wisconsin, according to CNN at least. 

Republican President Donald Trump turned Wisconsin red for the first time since 1984 in the last elections by a razor-thin margin.

However, the results now show Wisconsin voters, by a nearly identical margin, have backed Democrat Joe Biden according to CNN’s call.

From here, the ultimate result of this turbulent election is now up to other key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

The Pennsylvania risk for markets is that the count will not be in for some time yet, possible Friday. 

Michigan will be contested as well whereby Trump has already filed suit to halt the ballots. 

As of this moment, the most reasonable scenario appears to be a narrow Biden victory as the counts keep coming in, tipping the balance of the Electoral College vote in the Deonctractic Party’s favour.

The last projections as of 1710 GMT, showed that with 440 electoral votes allocated, Biden had 227 and Trump has 21 of the 270 needed to win the presidency, according to Edison Research.