Breaking: PM May confirms request for 30th June delay to Art’ 50 – ‘This delay is a matter of great personal regret for me’ (Watch Live)


PM May is taking the stand at Downing Street, addressing the UK nation explaining her current stance on the Brexit deadline proposed delay beyond next Friday’s Brexit due date.  

In the latest development along the Brexit saga following a cross-party meeting today, of which Jeremy Corbyn walked out from, and after May told Parliament that she was not prepared to delay Brexit further than 30th June and EU’s Tusk said a short Brexit extension would be possible, conditional on support from House of Commons and said that the June 30th deadline had merits.

Key comments, so far: 

  • Two years MPs unable to agree on way to implement, we will now not leave on time.
  • This delay is a matter of great personal regret for me.
  • Im sure you have had enough.
  • Im on your side.
  • Now time for MP’s to decide
  • I have written to Tusk to request short ext of Art 50 to 30th June.

Key notes:

  • EU’s Tusk: Short Brexit extension conditional on support from House of Commons
  • Brussels to vote tomorrow on extension  – If dismissed, UK could face a no deal Brexit next week.
  • If cross-party MPs don’t back another meaningful vote next week – the default option could see UK leave EU with no deal.

Watch PM May Live (Sky news):

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