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MP’s have been voting today for the UK Prime Minister’s deal agreed with the EU.  

Her latest reassurances were expected to reduce the scale of defeat to something close to 50-100 votes, from what otherwise might have been a heavy three-figure loss.  

The results are as follows:

242 vs 391 The nos have it

This was THE vote and now it goes down  to one of two things:

  • The UK will either leave the EU on 29 March without a withdrawal  agreement,  or;
  • The departure date will be delayed.

MPs were  promised a vote on whether the UK should leave without a deal or not, which would probably happen on Wednesday and such an outcome would support the case for  a delay to Brexit from the EU, so long as they  do not back a no-deal Brexit – that vote will likely be on Thursday.  

We now await a statement from PM May.

About the vote

The UK Parliament was deciding on whether the UK PM May’s Brexit Plan is valid or not. In the case the Parliament has not approved it, chances of a hard Brexit will increase exponentially.