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  • Breaking: UK Lawmakers voted against PM May’s Brexit deal as 242 vs 391 – ‘The Noes’ have it!

UK PM May:

  • Can confirm we will have a free vote on this side of the house.
  • Believes there is a majority to leave with a deal.

UK PM May adds:

  • If house declines to approve leaving without a deal, will hold vote on Thursday on extension of article 50
  • If house votes to leave without a deal, it will be the policy of the govt to implement that decision;
  • If the House votes for an extension, the govt will seek to agree it with the EU;
  • EU will want to know what we want to do with an extension;
  • Says no-deal remains default unless deal ratified;
  • Says voting against leaving without a deal and for an extension does not solve the problem;
  • Says house will have to answer if it wants to revoke article 50 or have a second referendum.

 EU’s Tusk spokesman:

UK house of commons vote ‘significantly increased’ the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit;
EU to decide by unanimity on any UK request to delay Brexit and will expect credible justification for any Brexit delay.

  • GBP/USD rises modestly after UK Parliament rejects May’s Brexit deal