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UK’s Junior Brexit minister Robin Walker, speaking to German Funke Media Group this Friday, sounded optimistic that Britain and the EU will reach a breakthrough in Brexit talks soon.

Key quotes:

   “¢   I hope that this happens in the next three weeks.  
   “¢   Doesn’t believe a disorderly Brexit is likely.
   “¢   Brexit negotiations on details are constructive.
   “¢   Would be desirable for both the EU and Britain to reach a deal at an EU summit in November.
   “¢   There is agreement on more than 95% of the Brexit deal.
   “¢   Currently discussing how to avoid hard border between Ireland and N. Ireland.
   “¢   Britain will not consider customs border between N.Ireland and Britain in the Irish Sea.
   “¢   One scenario is Britain remaining in customs union after the end of the transition period.
   “¢   This would avoid new borders controls between Ireland and N.Ireland.
   “¢   EU and Britain both need to show flexibility and imagination.