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  • Cardano has a long term goal of getting as many young minds as possible interested in blockchain development.
  • Last year, Cardano started an Education and Business Development program in Ethiopia. 

Cardano has been taking its blockchain-based solutions mainstream and boost support for its native token ADA. Along with this, one of its main goals is to motivate learners to focus on blockchain research. To achieve this, the company has been supporting many institutions of higher studies. Recently, Cardano donated $500,000 to the University of Wyoming. The donation is expected to help in funding the University’s Blockchain Research and Development Lab. This isn’t the first time that Cardano has contributed generously to the academics field. Last year, Cardano famously started an Education and Business Development program in Ethiopia.

The Blockchain Research and Development Lab will be co-directed by Professor James Caldwell, Assistant Professor Mike Borowczak and Philip Schlump. Professor Borowczak stated that the donation will help the faculty and students in creating practical, real-world blockchain applications: 

This funding is meant to directly stimulate and develop a highly qualified workforce in the blockchain sector. Student researchers from undergraduate and graduate levels are at the core of this initiative. Our research and development lab focuses on grounding all work in theory while developing real-world products.

Professor Caldwell revealed the kind of projects that the Lab will be working on:

Our group of researchers will work on several projects related to advanced smart-contract development, hardware design, and verification for cryptographically secure authentication devices.

We expect to send students to visit the Blockchain Technology Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh, which serves as the global headquarters for IOHK’s various university collaborations. This arrangement should work well, since IOHK is at the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and their research model and goals fit perfectly with an academic Computer Science Department.