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  • Chainlink Price Currently Static With 1% Rise Over 7 Days
  • LINK Currently Accumulating at the $27-$29 Level
  • Positive Sentiment In The Crypto Market Continues To Prevail

The Chainlink price is stabilizing over the past few days and has risen around 0.5% over the past 24 hours with a very tight trading range. Although the crypto market has risen substantially over the past few days, movement in LINK has been very limited as buyers shun away and sellers hold on to make smallish gains.

Although movement in Chainlink has been very tight over the past few days, the price has still appreciated considerably since the July 20 low. In fact, the Chainlink price has appreciated more than 100% since that market crash where LINK descended to the $13.60 level. Investors who went in at that level are certainly pleased with the outcome.

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Short Term Prediction For Chainlink Price: More Sideways Movement Expected

As the situation in the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the Chainlink price is expected to trade sideways for the time being. However, an appreciation in price could also happen as more buyers enter the market and sentiment improves.

If a bullish thesis were to play out, the Chainlink price is expected to start approaching the $30 level. If resistance at that price point is overcome, then LINK would be expected to encounter another significant wall at the $33 level. At this point, there are no fundamentals to predict this scenario.

If a bearish thesis comes into the equation, the Chainlink price would be expected to descend to the $25 level where there still is significant support. However, if a sell-off were to occur, the price would continue descending to the $22 level and would practically wipe out all this month’s gains. However, this scenario is also quite unlikely.

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Long Term Prediction For LINK: $50 By End Of Year A Distinct Possibility

Chainlink is currently in a static phase but many expect it to continue increasing in value till the end of the year. Some analysts are predicting a price of at least $50 by December 2021 which would be close to the All-Time High achieved in April.

With an excellent use case, LINK remains an attractive proposition for investors. Although there will be inevitable pullbacks, the fact that the price rose by more than 100% since its July 20 low proves very encouraging. It is sure that Chainlink is here to stay and continues increasing in price.

Where to Buy Chainlink

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• Binance
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