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  • The Chainlink price is up by almost 9% over the past 48 hours to the $27.20 level
  • Impressive recovery from the early August slump with a 20% rise from the $23 level
  • Considerable long-term potential for Chainlink as it continues to enter into new partnerships.


The Chainlink price is in positive territory once again as it continues its impressive recovery from the $23 low on 8 August. Today’s price level of just over the $27 means that LINK has appreciated by almost 20% in less than 3 weeks and confirms the bullish potential for the coin.

With several blockchain companies including Chainlink’s innovative price feeds system into their infrastructure, LINK can only increase in popularity and reliability. It seems that the long-term potential for Chainlink continues to be excellent as the market continues to recover. As always, instability and one-off events can derail such predictions but things do seem to be looking good for LINK.

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Short Term Prediction For Chainlink Price: More Upside Expected As Bullish Mood Persists

The Chainlink price is currently trading at $27.20 which is a 1.8% rise over the past 24 hours. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has continued ascending after a slightly staid period in the crypto market and it seems that buying interest has continued to accelerate considerably.

If the bullish mood were to continue, then one would expect the Chainlink price to rise to the $30 level where considerable resistance is to be encountered. If that mark is superseded, then LINK could possibly rise to the $35 level where the next point of resistance is although that would mean a considerable 30% rise from the current price.

If bears come into the equation, then the Chainlink price would most likely tag the $25 level where the first support line may already be encountered. If a sell off ensues, then the price could drop further to the $23 mark although this does not look likely by any means.

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Long Term Prediction For LINK: Should Revisit Its All Time High By Year End

If the current bullish trend persists, the Chainlink price should soon be expected to begin approaching its all time high of $50 that was registered in April. The drop has been pretty steep over the past months but recovery is well on the way.

It has to be remembered that LINK was languishing in the mid-teens around July 20 when the cryptocurrency market resumed its slow but steady recovery. This means that today’s current price is an almost 100% increase for Chainlink, an impressive move forward by all accounts.

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