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The Global Times quotes some comments from the Chinese observers, as they sound wary over the trade talks with the US.

Key Highlights:

“Chinese officials have been exercising a strikingly high degree of caution over trade negotiations with the US, appearing reluctant to rush into a new round of talks with US officials, given the latter’s lack of sincerity and continued aggressive approach toward China on multiple fronts.  

Such a cautious attitude highlighted the difficulty for the two sides in reaching a trade deal, despite renewed optimism, and underscored Chinese officials’ distrust of US officials, who have shown some interest in reaching an agreement with China to quell growing criticism in the US ahead of the heated election season while also refusing to take any meaningful action to address China’s concerns

Some suggested that US officials are only showing they are working to resolve their costly trade war with China to boost the US stock markets and reassure the increasingly concerned US business community and voters ahead of what could be a heated election season.”