China Commence Ministry: Increasing tariffs will only bring more difficulties to trade talks


China’s Commerce Ministry was out with some comments in the last hour, strongly opposing the US bullying and maximum pressure tactics.

Key quotes:

   •  It the US presses along, China will have to take necessary countermeasures on trade.
   •  China is never afraid of any pressure, has the confidence to respond to any challenges.
   •  Has no information on any plans for US trade delegation to visit China at present.
   •  Regrets US escalation of trade tensions.
   •  US actions have caused a great setback in trade talks. 
   •  On Huawei, says that national security concept is being abused.
   •  Calls for the US to avoid further impacting trade relations.
   •  Will take all necessary measures to protect its firms.
   •  US increasing tariffs will only bring more difficulties to trade talks.
   •  Urges the US to cancel tariffs on Chinese goods as soon as possible.

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