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  • Alipay launches a platform based on blockchain to bring credible connections and track supplies.
  • Crypto mining farms are on the government radar as the fight against the Coronavirus intensifies.

Alipay has joined the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic with the launch of a blockchain-based platform that will see supplies tracked. The platform is mostly information-based and geared towards providing real-time data on supplies such as masks, gloves, caps and other protective gear.

At the time of writing, China Coronavirus has been dragonized in more than 28,000 people. About 650 people have been reported dead due to the virus. The worst-hit provinces are Wuhan and Hebei. Attention at the momentum is to ensure that supplies reach the affected areas fast.

Alipay says that its platform instills trust in the network and upholds credible connections. Moreover, all links and confirmations can be tracked and displayed on the chain. The platform has already hit the ground in some of the affected provinces.

As the fight against the spread of the virus continues, Chinese authorities have been zeroing in on cryptocurrency mining farms to ensure that the virus is contained. One farm, BTC.Top led by Jiang Zhuoer as CEO has been forced to shut down operations. However, Mr. Zhuoer is not convinced that the shutdown was necessary as the workers have never left the farm since the outbreak was announced.

“I have a mine in a remote suburb. The police came and forced all the mining authorities to shut down. It is understandable to take a regular… roll call, and strictly prohibit going out, but what’s the benefit of shutting down the mining machine to prevent the epidemic?” He wrote on Weibo.