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The war of words and Chinese propaganda is heating up between the US and China.

The Global Times reports that the US has “hidden key information and failed to handle the pandemic properly, leading to the global health crisis. Lawmakers said Chinese citizens & companies should have the right to sue the US government.” 

The Global Times has also stated that the “central government of China is trying its best to protect Hong Kong from instability and riots regardless of pressure from the West; the US is taking actions to harm the Hong Kong’ economy, so Hong Kong’s people with common sense will see “who is really helping Hong Kong.”

Key notes

  • Pompeo: China in the past year ‘has shed any pretense’ that people of Hong Kong enjoy high degree of autonomy – Reuters
  •  Chart of the Week analysis, since the open of this week, US and Chinese tensions are at the forefront of markets.
  • China’s plan of national security law in Hong Kong puts Trump in an unwelcome spot with Xi 
  • The Hong Kong Dollar, the next black swan?