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The Global Times, China’s state-run paper  said in an editorial on Wednesday, China should downgrade its ties with Australia by cutting imports and postponing a visit by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Reuters reports.

Key Quotes from the editorial:

“China does not have to throw away Sino-Australia relations. China just needs to slow their relationship for a period.”

“For example, it will not be necessary for the Australian Prime Minister to visit China this year. In fact, he could visit a few years later.”

“China’s ministerial officials, other than those with the economic and trade departments, could postpone interactions with Australia.”

“China should also switch to buying U.S. products rather than Australian ones, like iron ore, wine and beef.”

“Last year, Australia exported $76.45 billion in goods to China. Lowering Aussie exports by $6.45 billion would send cold chills up and down the spine of Australia.”

“Of course, it would be an even greater shock if the import reductions totaled $10 billion.”