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The Global Times, a daily Chinese tabloid newspaper, quotes key comments from the Chinese analysts, as they say that China should retaliate smartly to the US tariffs hike by inducing acute pain to the American consumers and manufacturers than negotiating at the trade table.

Key Points:

China does not need to brace for the trade war at the pace set by the US and China could direct precision strikes at vital links in the US economy to inflict systemic damage to bring the latter back to the negotiating table.

 “There is no such a thing as a commitment before any deal is signed.”

The US is eager to force an unfair deal on China, but time is on China’s side as the trade war escalates.

Former vice commerce minister Wei Jianguo said the calm demeanor of Liu as he gave an interview must have surprised the US.  

Wei said “China would take retaliatory measures to make the US know that China is not only resilient against the higher tariff but is capable of hitting back. This would help the US to come to its senses and abandon its misconceptions.”.

Gao Lingwen, a senior research fellow at the Institute of World Economics and Politics with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, (CASS) said: “China does not need to match the Trump administration’s tariff war in terms of scale and tariff percentages. Instead, China could shift its focus from hitting Trump’s voter base to pummel a carefully selected industrial chain linkage point that could cause systemic risks to the US economy,”