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In response to a China Daily editorial piece, citing that forced labor in the US is slavery in disguise, Lijian Zhao, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, tweeted out, “almost 150 years after the US abolished slavery, forced labor continues in the country.”

Additional tweets

“American politicians have been trying to pass the country’s evil deeds on to others, by making up stories of “forced labor” in Xinjiang and other parts of the world. US hypocrisy is stunning.”

“Given its long history of human rights violations, the US has no right to even try to hold the high moral ground in human rights protection.”

Market reaction

Even though the US-China trade talks went well, the spat over human rights issue remains a cause for concern between both sides.

There is little to no market reaction to the above series of tweets from China, as a sense of calm prevails ahead of the US Core PCE Price Index storm.

AUD/USD remains on the back foot below 0.7750 while the S&P 500 futures rise 0.35% to 4,215 on optimism around the US spending plan.