China’s State Media: Endless US-China trade negotiations are making a final sprint – CNBC


The US and Chin have made unprecedented progress and the endless trade negotiations, like a marathon, are making a final sprint, China’s state media said on Saturday, according to CNBC. 

Key quotes (source: CNBC)

Xi’s meeting with U.S. negotiators had affirmed progress made in previous talks and “injected new impetus into the next stage of the development of Sino-U.S. trade relations.”

The talks “have made important progress” for the next round of negotiations in Washington next week,

Hoping that the two sides will maintain the good momentum of the current consultations and strive to reach an agreement within the set time limit. 

There are still obstacles to be overcome, and no one should underestimate how daunting a task the two sides face trying to resolve all the differences that have long existed between them in one clean sweep.

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