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A terrifying video is doing the rounds in social media which is likely to put Asian markets on edge today. 

The video has been reposted on Twitter and now has more than 800k views. It is an urgent message from a Wuhan nurse working in the quarantine zone in Wuhan. She claims more than 90,000 people in China have been infected with the fast-spreading coronavirus. 

An unverified translation of the nurse, posted by @purplelovehime, has been retweeted more than 13.7k times since Saturday, states: “I am Jin Wei. I am currently inside the Wuhan outbreak region, Han Hou area. I would like to describe the condition inside the Hubei province, as well as the outbreak situation in the entire China. Currently, there are already 90,000 cases of pneumonia contraction.” 

“What is the rate of contraction? If one person contracted this disease and is not properly quarantined and treated, this I individual will infect 14 people that came in contact with him. That is a significant multiplier. During the spring festival, in our culture, families like to get together, dine together. But this is unlike any other years. I hope that people can stay home, do not gather, and do not visit families. There is a spring festival every year. If everyone can stay safe, you can always get together later,”

– the unverified translation of the nurse said warning that medical supplies from bio suits, medical masks, goggles, and gloves “are in great shortages.” 

Market implications

Risk-off, USD/JPY and AUD/JPY will be a focus as will Asian futures in thin Lunar NY markets.