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Claim Studio designs and develops all web sites, landing pages, banners, etc to XFS and its ‘start up brokers’. The company now launches  a new service dedicated to existing forex and binary brokers, which helps them facilitate all the communications: web site designs, banners, SEO, back office integration and more.

For all the details, here is the official press release:

Claim Studio – a leading marketing communications company – is pleased to announce the launch of Claim 4 Brokers ( a new service dedicated to Forex, CFDs and Binary Options Brokerages.

Claim 4 Brokers was founded following Claim Studios successful partnerships with leading broker solution providers. This new service offers a wide range of marketing communication solutions to forex and binaries brokers, including: Web Site Design and Development, Brand Book Refresh, Back Office Integration, and much more.

“We are very excited to introduce this new service dedicated to the on line brokerage market”, explains Andres Alvarez, Claim Studio’s CEO. “We have seen very rapid growth in this sector over the last few years and consequently many companies need to improve their marketing communications in order to survive in this increasingly crowded market. Communicating clearly and effectively the brokerage values and products is crucial to ensure a positive response from traders”.

Claim Studio not only has significant experience and industry knowledge providing solutions to start up brokers for web site design and development, integrated to the trading system back office, but in helping brokers with their initial marketing campaigns and SEO positioning. The company has also established itself as a key player providing on line brokers with its proprietary technology called ‘The Clients Cabinet’, which allows traders to access their account directly from the brokers site giving instant access to personal details, closed trades, deposit and withdrawal statements, etc.

Now, with the launch of Claim 4 Brokers, the company is offering a bespoke service to brokers that are looking to expand their customer base using a spectrum of unrivaled marketing communications techniques that will improve ROI for both online and offline marketing campaigns.