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Coinbase has just hired the ex Nerdwallet cheif operations officer Dan Yoo to replace  Emilie Choi, who was promoted to chief operating officer earlier this year.

Yoo will now look after  business operations, business development, corporate development and the data team. He went on to say:

“Coinbase is a very data-driven company,”   and added  “As part of this role, I’ll be making sure that internally and externally Coinbase and its customers have the data they need to make better decisions.”

“I would not consider myself a crypto expert by any means, I’ve been in and around financial services for my entire career, though.”

“At Linkedin, I was on a similar team and we helped be the connective tissue for the organization,” this is where he met Choi. He then added  “With the hypergrowth at Coinbase, I hope to use my experience of scaling teams and getting them to work effectively together.”

So it seems to be another stellar addition to the Coinbase team. As the rapid expansion continues I am sure we are in for more news in the future  in regards to high profile names joing the exchange.