Coronavirus Update: Texas hospitalizations mark daily record with 10,745 increase, Nevada joins the league


Looking at the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) numbers from the US, it becomes clear that the pandemic spread hasn’t faded in the world’s largest economy.

Texas marked another daily record for the news cases while adding 10,745 numbers to 275,058 on Tuesday. Further details suggest that the death toll shot by 87 to 3,322 whereas hospitalizations grew 164 to new high at 10,569.

Los Angeles County followed the footsteps of Texas and marked the biggest daily increase in new cases since the pandemic started. The new cases of the deadly disease rose by 4,244 to 140,307. Further, hospitalizations rose by 47 to record high of 2,103 while the deaths toll jumped by 73 to 3,894.

Furthermore, pandemic figures from Nevada also reflected worries while suggesting a leap in the new cases by 1,104 to 29,619.

FX implications

Although the news carries a market-negative update, S&P 500 Futures remain solid above 3,200 by the press time. The reason could be traced from upbeat earnings and more clues that the virus cure is nearby.

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