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Victoria records a big jump in new COVID-19 cases by a total of 75 on Monday, registering the biggest increase in Australia since April 10.  

Of the 75, 1 is hotel quarantined, 14 linked to known outbreaks, 37 routine testings and 23 are under investigation.

There have been double-digit increases in the number of new cases of coronavirus in Victoria for the past 14 days.

Australia’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told RN Breakfast on Sunday: “It’s absolutely a second peak and it’s going to challenge us in the same way as that first one. But like the first one, we have been testing as significantly as at any point in Australia,” 

“It’s a genuine challenge now. I think we’re right at the edge, in terms of being able to manage it. If it gets beyond us it’s not due to lack of enormous effort, that’s for sure.”

The state has imposed the harshest lockdown measures once again to contain the second-wave.