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Here’s what you need to know on Thursday


BTC/USD is currently trading at $7000 (+4.15%), a surge of upside momentum came into play forcing a critical retest of $7000 breach.

ETH/USD is currently trading at $170 (+9.95%), big buying momentum came into play, but time will tell whether this is a short squeeze. 

XRP/USD is currently trading at $0.18 (+2.50%), the bulls gain pace to the north, but must break and hold above $0.2000.

Among the 100 most important cryptocurrencies, the best of the day are ABBC $0.118413 (+20.80%), KMD 0.517254 (+8.35%) HYN $0.102503 (+6.15%) The day’s losers are XNS $0.0923290 (-8.92%), QNT $4.75 (-6.55%), HEDG $1.68 (-6.20%).

Chart of the day: BTC/USD daily chart (A big retest of breached bear flag is in play)


The daily average transaction values across the Ethereum platform are now equal to those of the Bitcoin (BTC) network. According to blockchain analytics firm Messari, the daily value transfer — the total value of assets moved on the blockchain over a day — of the Ethereum network began rivalling those on the Bitcoin network as of April 12, approximately $1.5 billion

A recent report from the Ethereum Classic community has stated that ETC TestNets have been updated successfully, so they are now made ready for MainNet.

According to the report, the Mordor TestNet successfully activated the Phoenix upgrade on 9th March 2020. While the Kotti TestNet fully activated the Phoenix upgrade on block 2_200_013 on 15th April 2020.


The Dutch Ministry of Finance’s implementation of the European Union’s fifth anti-money laundering directive, or AMLD5, requires the country’s Central Bank to monitor its cryptocurrency industry. The cost of this supervision will be passed on to crypto-based businesses. A recent report suggests that these new compliance fees will be higher than those paid by traditional trust and credit card companies. AMLD5 was supposed to bring increased transparency and a unified approach to anti-money laundering measures across the EU. But the varying member states have each implemented different interpretations of the directive, often prioritizing their own interests.


Local reports in China suggest that the Agricultural Bank of China — one of the nation’s biggest commercial banks, which is coincidentally state-owned — has begun to test a national digital currency project. The reports cited images leaked through WeChat that showed a new application by the Agricultural Bank of China. They specifically depict a beta version of an application branded with the logos of the Agricultural Bank of China.

Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency Libra will be linked to individual national currencies and overseen by global watchdogs in a scaled-back revamp it hopes will win regulatory approval.

The number of ransomware attacks globally has dropped significantly since the coronavirus crisis intensified in March, according to a new report from Chainalysis. The blockchain analytics firm said the drop was particularly significant given there were growing concerns over the impact of ransomware attacks against hospitals and other healthcare organizations during the crisis. Hospitals are a favoured target for ransomware gangs. Security software provider Emsisoft reported that over the course of 2019, at least 764 healthcare providers in the U.S. had been attacked. In mid-March Emsisoft publicly implored ransomware gangs to stop targeting hospitals due to the potentially fatal impacts during the crisis. 

Second State recently released a new version of its leading Ewasm software, accommodating developers to write Ethereum 2.0 smart contracts. Ethereum developers can compile Ethereum smart contracts into Ewasm bytecode and deploy them onto any blockchain that is compatible with the ssvm-evmc VM.

The Canadian Asset Manager 3iQ launched a closed-fund – ‘The Bitcoin Fund’ listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as QBTC on 9th April. The ‘Bitcoin Fund‘ has listed around 1,491,800 shares of Class A “QBTC.U” shares available on the Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX with a market capitalization of around $16.3 million. Presently, the per-share price of QBTC is $10.95. The Fund will hold custody and other long-term investments in Bitcoin to provide investors with a convenient alternative to a direct investment in Bitcoin. 

Waves Enterprise, an enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain firm, recently got included in the Unified Register of Russian Software for Computers and Databases by the country’s Ministry of Communications. According to the official registry published by Russia’s Ministry of Communications, the firm was categorized as a “cloud-based distributed ledger service and service for virtualization and storage of data.” A source from Waves Enterprise said that inclusion into the official registry software of Russian is a positive one for the company, as the blockchain platform can gain better access to projects by public organizations and the local government.

Quote of the day

I have a question for Bitcoin HODLers. If a global pandemic, crashing stock markets, world-wide recession/depression, zero percent interest rates, unprecedented government borrowing and fiat money printing, plus a breakout in #gold hasn’t caused #Bitcoin

to go up, what will?